Racing Classes in Latvia

JT250 un GT 15 


These boat classes are designed for the youngest, who want to start racing (age range 9-16 ). The main difference between the classes is that in GT-15 is used  four-stroke engines that are more environmentally friendly, while the JT-250 is powered by two-stroke engines. In Latvia we have approximately 14 racers in these boat classes.

T550 un GT30 

Similar as in previously described ,  V-type boats with outboard engines! The engine power is greater up to 30 hp. Age range here is minimum 14 years. 


One of the oldest boat classes. Boats hull is catamaran type. Despite the fact the popularity of this class are now reducing, the race between these boats is quite exciting.

Formula2 un Formula F4S

These two boat classes are pretty similar and so much difirent at the same time. Class F2 no doubt are one of the fastest and the most prestigious boat classes in the world. Class F4S is like a first steps to race the powerful  F2.



O-class boats definetly are one of the fastest, extreme and most exiting boats.
OSY-400 (left) is a boat type where the pilot is lying on his stomach. OSY-400 is  as a start, for those pilots who later wish to participate in a similar type of boats ,but which have higher speed.
O-125/O-175 is the same hull type boats also used as start point, but the difference is the engine capacity, respectively 125 or 175 cc. Despite that it is less than OSY400 , engines here are built so they work only with maximum  speed.
O-250/O-350 (right) possibly the fastest boat class in the world, where pilots ran down the water in boats without safety cockpits. Boats top speed reach of around 170km / h
O-500/O-700 the boat is equipped with a safety cockpit to protect the pilot, engine capacity of 500 cc or 700, the maximum speed is under 200 km / h

FR-1000/ RN-2000 

One of the most popular and most represented boat class in Latvia. There are aproximetly 12 pilots in Latvia. No doubt one of most anticipated starts in championships, boats which makes spectacular water splashes, waves and great shows for all viewers.